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A not-so-hidden gem steps away from the beach in Oak Bay, nestled on Windsor Street and surrounded by a plethora of free parking rests the heritage building known as the Windsor Cafe. For years this building has operated as a teahouse, a cafe, or a fine dining restaurant over its history, and has established itself as a staple in Oak Bay. 

The Windsor Cafe name is synonymous with quality locally sourced food and craft drinks. From takeout coffees, to baked pastries and desserts, to full lunch dining both indoors and outdoors, the Windsor Cafe has something for everybody. Learn more about the history of the Windsor cafe and its owners, and stop in for a visit or a quick treat to fully experience and appreciate the essence of this Tudor-style cafe settled right in the heart of Oak Bay.


We wanted to create a space where the locals could hang out. Where everybody knows your name. We’re blessed with one of the greatest locations year-round, and the space to host everybody comfortably both indoors and outdoors. Our pride is in our food, our drinks, but also in the experience we get to have when a regular walks through our doors, or the one we get to create when somebody new comes to visit. 

Who are we? We are Quinn and Jay, your owners of the Windsor Cafe in Oak Bay. We opened our restaurant doors in 2018 with the vision of supporting our local community and economy, while providing sustainable and nutritious food and drink to our friends, family, and to our neighbours. 

Our passion has been to infuse the fine dining experience with the convenience of takeaway cafe specialty foods. Whether you’re looking for a quick artisanal coffee, a local pastry or dessert, a visit to our garden patios, or you’re curious about that salivating scent wafting from our kitchen, we invite you to discover your new favourite local Oak Bay cafe. 

We can’t wait to meet you.


We opened our cafe with the vision of quality. We’re a husband-and-wife team local business with a passion for excellence and fine details. Heading into our now fourth year of business has been an extraordinary adventure we’ve taken together.

The evolution of the Windsor Cafe has taken us on a journey. We wanted to create a different dining experience – one based on the infusion of community. We wanted to create a place for the locals. We wanted a place where we knew everybody’s names.

After lengthy construction, we got our cafe just right. We adorned the heritage building with our own personal touches. We wanted to capture the beauty of the building within itself, and spent our time perfecting the decor of both the interior and exterior. Our cafe features a main dining room with local artwork on the walls, and the soft backdrop of jazz music. Upstairs, we have a secluded and private dining room for more intimate gatherings.

When we opened the doors of our Oak Bay cafe, we did so with a vision of going above and beyond the traditional service industry, to create an atmosphere where the locals can gather with great food and a unique backdrop. The location of our cafe couldn’t have been more perfect for what we had envisioned, with all of the local features and amenities, and incredible parking, or bicycle racks.

Our outdoor patios are our signature features of our cafe, hosting upwards of 50 seats comfortably, with views of Windsor Park, or the boats in the Oak Bay Marina.

We look forward to continued growth within our Oak Bay community, and the growth of our business. We enjoy getting to know everybody who comes to visit us, and how they like their coffee orders, or hearing the feedback on our ever changing menu and features. Thank you for welcoming our family into your neighbourhood, and for giving us the space to realize our dreams and vision.

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The city of Victoria is no stranger to history, unique architecture and experience, and Oak Bay is no exception. To the members of Oak Bay, we know the idyllic calm that rests within the streets of Oak Bay. The sound of children playing on the streets, of the slow traffic, and how it feels to encounter a deer or two in your front yard. Renowned for its public and private gardens and cyclist traffic streets, stepping into Oak Bay is to experience instant relaxation and calm when compared to the hustle and bustle of downtown Victoria, or any surrounding neighbourhoods.


Oak Bay is like no other municipality in the Greater Victoria Area. Primarily a retirement community, Oak Bay encompasses a gentleness that’s not found within the busy city of Victoria. It’s like stepping back in time to an old English village, where everything feels a bit more relaxed. This inspired our design for the Windsor Cafe.


The Avenue in Oak Bay

Oak Bay has a plethora of natural beauty – from the stargazing beach at Cattle Point, to the local libraries, and public pianos, to the streets full of small businesses that make our community so unique. We can’t wait to welcome you to Oak Bay, so you can discover the magic that this small hidden neighbourhood has to offer.

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